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Ovation is bridging the gap between NFT peer-to-peer decentralized marketplaces and social media.

The Ovation Platform

Personalized Portfolio:


View the analytics attached a portfolio. 

  • NFT timeline​​

  • Portfolio value/statistics

  • NFT niches invested in

  • Badges earned as portfolio grows

Organize your portfolio and earn from you work.​

Intelligent Profile:

Profiles that extend beyond words in bio. Enabling users to effectively display communities they're apart of, contributions, and notoriety.

Social Platform: Share and post NFTs directly to the timeline. Post and comment rewards foster quality content. 

Ovation Hub: Chat with fellow NFT collection holders in private groups.


NFT exchange: Ovation will have an exchange with a goal of making the transactions more personable.

$OVA: Earn $OVA from using the Ovation platform.

Ovation NFT Decentralized Marketplace
Ovation monetization

Ovation Monetization

Ovation is not funded like traditional "Web2" social media platforms. Ovation does not sell user data and instead uses alternative ways to monetize that supports privacy for users.

​From the Revenue streams, the business is ultimately funded.


  • Tip users

  • Spend at accepted merchants

  • Earn tokens from Ovation platform interactions

  • Account upgrades

  • NFT exchange exclusive benefits

  • on-platform purchases

Ovation Utility and Economy
Ovation Web3 stack

Ovation Web3 Stack

Ovation's entire platform is built upon a Web3 framework.​​

  • Network Layer

  • Infrastructure

  • Access Layer 


  • 100 Million Supply

    • 15 million - Team/Investors

    • 25 million - Founder NFT Owners

    • 10 million - Public Sale

    • 50 million - Earned through the Ovation Platform (locked until release)

Ovation Tokenomics
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