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Earn Badges on Ovation

Hello Ovation community!

We wanted to share with you a feature we have not disclosed much detail on; badges! Badges are similar to achievements on a video game, but are earned based on NFTs and crypto you own. Badges can be showed off on your profile to your followers and people you know, or kept hidden for just yourself to admire.

Current badge tiers and categories

Also, badges are mintable! Minting a badge will make it an NFT and also give you the ability to share it on other platforms too.

We currently have 6 different badge categories with multiple tiers in each! We plan to continue to create more badges as we develop the platform. For example, adding a badge for a specific NFT collection or crypto you own is a very likely future badge.

What future badges do you want to see? Let us know on our socials or via email!

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