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Founder vs Ownership NFTs. Why you should care.

Most recently, Soulbound NFTs made their debut in June with Storytelling NFTs following in September of 2022. The Web3 and more specifically the NFT space is innovating quickly.

So what's the deal with Founder and Ownership NFTs?

As startups continue to develop in the NFT space, they will continue to leverage methods of raising capital including crowdfunding, qualified investors, and venture capitalists to fuel their growth.

NFTs will naturally meet this capital demand with the introduction of both Founder and Ownership NFTs.

Founder NFTs are NFTs that offer early investors exclusive benefits to the art, business, or platforms they are investing in. A type of Utility NFT, but one that typically exceeds the benefits that traditional Utility NFTs offer. Most commonly Utility NFTs offer token airdrops, a private discord, early access, meetups, etc. Founder NFTs would offer similar benefits, but also include substantially more value. In the case of Ovation, this would be earning more $OVA as the Founder NFT holder used the social platform, promotion of personal/professional collections, and getting allow-listed for Ownership NFTs that would allow for a percentage ownership in Ovation (for qualified investors). *These benefits are subject to change.

Ownership NFTs are NFTs that offer percentage ownership in a company.

The industry has yet to see Founder and Ownership NFTs really take off. As NFT projects and companies continue to push the envelope of value offered and come up with new ways to raise capital, these NFTs will be momentous.

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