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Ovation is speaking at NFT NYC 2023!

Ovation will be speaking at NFT NYC 2023!

Co-Founder Jack Bliss will be speaking about Mass Adoption and the NFT Social Problem. How Ovation, decentralized social graphs such as Lens, and other blockchain technology aims to fix this.

Ovation aims to be The NFT Social Platform. Combining features from Twitter, Discord, Coinbase NFT, and Opensea; users can share, discover, socialize, and trade NFTs all on the Ovation Platform. Built on a web3 infrastructure, Ovation enables users to earn $OVA as they interact and draw engagement on the platform.

Socially, users can communicate with fellow collections holders using Ovation Hubs. On timelines, users will be enabled to have more meaningful conversations because of live data, the ability to create unique posts, recognize post contributions, and filter.

Ovation empowers artists and enthusiasts by enabling personalized profiles and portfolios to show off their NFT portfolios in a dedicated, data-rich UI that improves user experience.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone! We will be coordinating meetups, with an update on this soon! For now, if you want to meet the team, DM us on Twitter or email us at

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