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Ovation. The First NFT Superapp Working to Transform Your NFT Experience.

The current NFT landscape consists of a multitude of disconnected applications where NFT enthusiasts manage portfolios across multiple wallets and blockchains. They must use separate applications to trade NFTs, numerous platforms to showcase them, and even more, to talk about their experiences and engage with their communities. Even the most devoted NFT aficionados can become exhausted interacting with the vast array of current offerings – most of which are limited in functionality and don’t provide a curated user experience.

Today’s NFT-related platforms do not effectively support the personalization of portfolios and give little context to the data behind the NFTs or how they relate to a broader ecosystem. Profile bios rarely enable users to prove their reputation, accomplishments, or community contributions. Marketplaces are primarily single-chain and mostly overlook the social element; the ability to barter and directly communicate with buyers and sellers is also missing, a core element of any successful marketplace.

The Ovation Platform

Ovation is the first NFT Superapp that redefines Your NFT experience. It allows users to share their personalized portfolios, discover new NFTs, trade, and socialize with the entire ecosystem while rewarding them for meaningful interactions and contributions.


● Enables artists, influencers, and enthusiasts to impactfully display their art, collections, contributions, and notoriety. Including, but not limited to NFTs, DAO tasks, project roles, etc.

● Enables users to showcase their NFTs, interact with community members, trade NFTs, and spot market trends.

● Blockchain interoperable with multi-chain support.

● Natively adds a social element to marketplaces with NFTs directly on timelines, enabling direct messaging and bartering.

● Rewards users with $OVA, the Ovation in-platform token.[2]

Next-generation NFT-Centric Features

Ovation will give users the ability to share NFTs and create unique posts, driving meaningful interactions with other enthusiasts. Your posts showcasing NFTs will be equipped with context-driven data which includes price history, the NFT’s relationship to the broader collection, and other metrics that help keep traders well-informed in the market.

Filters and preferences will provide a highly personalized and curated experience. Users will be able to discover new collections by genre, ranking, trending, and even get recommendations based on their interests or portfolio.

Detailed insights into the users own portfolio, as well as other projects, holder-exclusive discussion hubs, and a gamified user experience will all serve to prompt engagement and collaboration.

Add to this the rewards of the in-platform token $OVA earned by posting valuable content or comments, sharing NFTs, and making meaningful interactions or contributions, you’ll see that Ovation has all the potential to become a unified social platform for any participant in the Web3 space – be it a complete newcomer, light user, or an experienced trader.

What’s Next for Ovation. How to get involved.

As Ovation continues to bring on strategic technical and collaborative partners, interested artists, projects, influencers, and enthusiasts can purchase an Ovation Founder NFT that will give early enthusiasts and founders early and exclusive in-platform benefits. Ovation plans to launch the alpha platform in Q1 2024.

Artists, influencers, and projects that want to partner with Ovation should email Partners influence the platform’s development, share in the success through in-platform benefits, are featured on the team’s page, and receive other incentives.

For the latest updates, follow Ovation on Twitter, join the Ovation Discord, and visit


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